What kind of silver and gold should I buy?

January 12, 2013 by  
Filed under Gold Coins

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25 Responses to “What kind of silver and gold should I buy?”
  1. vorkev1 says:

    the best thing ing moris scrap silver jewlery or jewlers scraps its the cheapest way to buy and you got to rember silver and gold are worth silver and gold. people pay more then silver and gold value for coins and if something happens whar you need to sell silver or gold cus curency craches then coins will only be worth thare metal value thare for its not worth paying more for coins. and apmex is the number one refiner and next is kitco apmex is the cheapest to buy from. and maples are hily fkd

  2. infamousforinjustice says:

    which will probably be worth nothing…….sooner or later.

  3. Zurrian says:

    Historical .. inflation adjusted returns of stocks , bonds , gold ( with all dividends , interest or other gains re-invested )

    Real return on $10,000 investment 196 years :

    Stocks $5,600,000,000 ( $5.6 billion )

    Bonds $8,000,000 ( $8 million )

    Gold $26,000 ( $26 thousand )

  4. rudy52350 says:

    personally i only buy silver if it say’s ”1 troy oz. ” ”and .999 fine silver ” …i like the rounds …

  5. lowpross11 says:

    @jacobstanley1979 Government issued “money” in the form of Silver and/or Gold “IS” what you want. Its easily noticed and reccognized when you are selling. Compare that to a random mint you never heard of. Which would you buy? Thx, Lawrence @ 

  6. itsonelouder1 says:

    Incidentally, in the UK your first £10,600 of capital gains annually isn’t taxed. You may have a similar allowance in Aus, and depending on how much you’re investing, you may not need to worry about CGT.

  7. itsonelouder1 says:

    I would do some googling for “capital gains tax” and “gold”. Bullion dealers should be able to help you too and you should find info on their websites, if not email them. I would be interested to know if other countries have a similar thing going on. What about the US, anyone?

  8. SovereignBeing says:

    thats what im trying to find out..! if you buy the standard mint coins and then you sell and double your money , is it taxed. i guess not unless you declare it.. huh?

  9. itsonelouder1 says:

    Do you have any coins in Aus free of CGT?

  10. SovereignBeing says:

    What is on offer at that site is certainly comprehensive..
    i’m in australia and i haven’t seen old Sovs etc for sale at the perth mint..
    its all new stuff.

  11. itsonelouder1 says:

    if you find out that what I’m saying isn’t true, please let me know. thanks

  12. itsonelouder1 says:

    I’m buying gold sovereigns/britannias and silver britannias from Baird and Co. But you can probably buy them direct from the royal mint.

  13. SovereignBeing says:

    interesting - where are you getting them from – i mean do you trust buying them on ebay etc?

  14. itsonelouder1 says:

    Not necessarily. In the UK, government issued silver coins such as the Silver Britannia and the Gold Sovereign are classed as legal tender so you can avoid capital gains tax which currently stands at 28%! I’m trading my rounds in for these.

  15. sukebegaijin1 says:

    Silver does have a future but it would be unwise to spend on silver than gold.

  16. TheGreekMan1981 says:

    I think the main reason to buy coins issued by Gov’ts is because they are much easily accepted, verses silver rounds from elsewhere. I have bought silver rounds online that turned out to be fake. I’ve yet to get a fake Silver Eagle.

  17. scillowillow says:

    Please check out my channel for more silver investing information and to register to win a 1 oz liberty coin. One given away every month! There are weekly Silver Market reports etc. Just click on my user name… Enjoy!

  18. spiderman420ful says:


  19. fistedsaxe says:

    what a stupid comments

  20. SirPwn4lot says:

    I’m not paranoid about money. I have enough.

  21. Cleric775 says:

    It’s your life, VisionVictory. The decision is the wisest choice man can make in his life.

  22. MrGeorgiosH says:

    If you are looking for a group of people to chat about Silver , download Palringo from your sellphone and join the room : silverchat

  23. JesusDillinger says:

    I don’t see at all. I want to have as much Ag as possible when it goes up. So I buy the cheapest I can get so as to get more. That means I want to buy larger hunks of the stuff because Ag, like everything else, is cheaper in larger volumes.
    One 25oz. bar from monarch costs $748; two10oz. bars and five 1oz. rounds from provident costs $756; twenty-five 1oz. rounds from QSB cost $765.
    Thus, the best deal on silver bullion is the 25-oz. bar.
    Please correct me unless you are merely screwing with me.

  24. connectingdots1 says:

    Well if you’re a bullion buyer why in the heck would you be looking to buy a 25 oz bar in the first place?
    I guess you must be new to the silver scene cause many of us have tackled this issue all we all agree that buying in very small increments as close to spot is the BEST thing ANYONE buying Bullion could EVER do considering Silver is about to EXPLODE in 2011

    The LAST thing you would want is to be stuck with a 25 oz, round/bar once prices ZOOM to $600/oz
    unless U dont see that

  25. JesusDillinger says:

    Reasons to buy silver:


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