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Tips | Gold Investment Deals

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team – Coin Tips Guide *Best Methods* – How To Make Coins

December 16, 2012 by  
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Squads for Profit – Best way to make coins #1 – www.youtube.com Thanks so much for 400+ Likes :D Decided to put all the tips i think work best in one video for you guys, so get a pen and paper and write them down, or save it to your fav so you can keep going back to it :) A lot of effort…

Buy Gold Bullion Bars

October 8, 2010 by  
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Every investor who wants to buy a gold bullion bar needs to know how to buy it. That should be a no brainier. For most investors, there are three main ways.

1. Purchase Gold for Physical Ownership

Physical gold has long been considered the ultimate measurement of wealth and prosperity. Most people would probably buy coins or jewelry, which can be easily stored at home, as well as enjoyed everyday, as opposed to golden bars. However, coins, and especially jewelry are usually priced not based on the spot price of the gold, but on more subjective factors, such as collectible value.

This does not make it a bad investment, in fact, gold bullion coins often are better investment than gold bullion bars, however you should expect to pay spreads of 4% and more in most Western Countries. And in some cases, the price difference between buying and selling may be even more radical, especially with coins like Chinese Panda or Australian Nugget. In fact, it is not unusual to sell only for the worth of the actual gold, yet pay 15% or more over the spot price when buying.

2. Buy Gold Ingots through a Storage Program

If you do not mind to cede ownership when you buy gold, then try using unallocated pool program. It let’s you purchase gold as an entitlement only, however the storing is inexpensive. Plus, you can always go for physical delivery sometimes in the future.

The spreads are around 1% plus a flat storage fee. Some companies my also offer allocated program for additional 1.5%/year for storage fee. Typically, there is a minimum investment requirement as well as some flat administrative fee associated with this type of purchases.

3. Buy online

This is fast becoming the most popular way of buying gold, especially for smaller investors who are seeking to buy gold without going through too much hassle. Unlike previous two options though, buying online typically means buying gold bullion coins, rather than gold bullion bar. However, that can be even a better investment! You can use auctions, or even contacts from forums or other websites. Of course, you need to be careful and make sure you can trust the seller.

Choosing the right way to buy gold bullion bars is essential in order to maximize your investment. The fees can quickly add up, and the fraudsters never sleep. However, with some common sense and knowledge you too can enjoy the financial security only gold can give.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of the lifetime! The value of gold just keeps going up. Buy gold bullion bar and add the best asset to your portfolio money can buy. If you are not on the gold-investing boat yet, you must jump in while you can! Go to http://www.goldbullionoz.com to learn more about gold bullion, investing, coin collecting and much more.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Paul_S._Marshall

Why Gold Investments are worthwhile

October 7, 2010 by  
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Let’s face it. The economy is failing. Yes, you may point out the fact that there have been glimpses and flashes of the economy recovering. It still is not an assurance it actually will recover. The World’s Economy is still licking it’s wounds, it’s only been a few months since the U.S came out of the recession, and it being one of the most powerful nation’s in the world really takes a toll on the World’s Economy. It will take years, or even decades for the World’s Economy to recover. Plus, add in the fact that the economy and market is as unstable and volatile as Francium, which by the way is the most unstable of all the first 101 chemical elements, and you’ve got a potentially deadly mix that will eventually lead to disastrous results. With all that said, these 6 reasons should be enough to sway you into thinking about diversifying your portfolio by investing in Gold.

  1. The main reason why you should even think about investing in gold is the fact that the U.S economy is weakening. What does that have in connection to Gold Investments? The metal industry, which includes gold, silver and other precious metals, is usually denominated in dollars, which by the way is cheaper to buy in other currencies. The price of gold is usually relative to that of the Dollar, which means that if Dollar loses value then Gold gains it. However, there is really not much statistical proof or evidence that Gold’s value will fall if the value of Dollar increases.
  2. The value of gold is universal. Yes, dollar is generally accepted on a worldwide scale, but its value differs on a nation to nation basis. Meanwhile, gold’s value is pretty much the same anywhere, whether you’re in Macau, in the Philippines, or in the U.S.
  3. Psychologically, Gold is appealing to the general public. Although, experts have yet to find a reason why this is so, it would be safe to say that Gold will often appear to the general public as something of a luxurious product. Not only is it psychological, but gold has been one of the most expensive products or commodities in the market for decades, and it has stayed that way for a long time. The only time its value depreciated is when the world was under a “gold standard”.
  4. Demand. The demand for Gold nowadays is more than ever. With the emergence of China and India, in which experienced a dramatic increase in their demand for gold (50% for India), it would be safe to say that you shouldn’t worry too much about the price of Gold. Speaking of increases, there is enough statistical evidence or proof that shows that gold has experienced a steady increase with its value for the past six years, dating back to 2004.

With that said, there is no better time to start diversifying your portfolio and investing in Gold than right now. Yes, you heard me right, right now. Experts have calculated that gold’s value will continue to increase, and will likely hit $3,700 per ounce in a span of 6 years. That’s a huge increase, considering that it sells for only about a thousand dollars per ounce nowadays.

Read more: http://www.articlesbase.com/investing-articles/superior-gold-group-top-6-reasons-why-gold-investments-are-worthwhile-in-this-economy-2573063.html#ixzz11dWzF7P5
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Useful Tips on how you can invest in Gold Bullion

October 7, 2010 by  
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For many centuries, gold has been known to be the foundation of almost every national currency stretching up to the latter half of the 20th century. Gold purchasers around the world are aware of the fact that raw gold is a very stable and reliable source of value. It is mainly because of its tendency of not rusting or corroding with the passage of time. In the past, this metal has proven to be a rather profitable investment and you can hope that it will continue to remain a stable source for profit earning in the future years to come. If you wish to reap some monetary profit, you can junk silver coins and bullion gold.

Apart from being an investment, gold can be used as a form of savings if there is any urgent requirement of money. In other words, it is somewhat like an insurance policy that will always make you feel economically safe if you ever have to experience a financial crisis. Having bullion gold or even gold coins in your possession will mean that you have to store it in an appropriate place. If you feel it is safe to bury it in your backyard, you can go ahead and do so. You can consider renting a safety deposit box and store it there. You can consider the following tips on how you should invest in gold bullion before you actually buy gold.

1. At the very outset you must be sure about what type of investment you desire to make in the gold bullion and in that way you will be able to decide which type of gold you will buy. For instance, if you wish to protect your assets, you can opt for gold coins which will be a better option. However, if you are looking for a quick return in your investment then you can leverage or invest in ETFs or gold stocks which will be the ideal option.

2. If you wish to buy gold, then you will realize that you really do not need the prices to drop. This is because over a period of time, the cost of gold usually ascends. If you decide to wait then there is a chance for you to obtain gold at a substantially higher rate. If you check the prices of gold on a daily basis, it will be quite beneficial. In this context, you should keep a tab on a reliable gold pricing index.

3. You should invest directly in gold bullion by purchasing it from banks that are reputed and offer such services. A direct ownership would signify that you have the legal right to preserve the gold you have bought in your home or even in a bank by renting a safety deposit box. Ensure that your chosen bank is financially stable.

4. When you have decided to buy gold coins and bullion gold then you can do so from reliable bullion manufacturing nations. Some examples would be the American Gold Eagle and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf. These coins are essentially the corn form of bullions that is produced by the government and sold at a price reflecting the metal.

About the Author

To know how to buy gold and how to invest in bullion gold , do some research online. It is one of most safest mode of investment that would provide great returns.

How to Buy Wholesale Gold Online

October 7, 2010 by  
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Retailers and investors may be looking into wholesale gold as a means of increasing revenue or creating a nest egg for the future. It is possible to buy wholesale gold from a number of sources, so it is important that prospective buyers know how to buy wholesale gold before embarking on the endeavor.

There are many factors to consider when buying wholesale gold such as the purpose for which the buyer wants the gold and how much he or she has to invest. Of course, wholesalers gold will be less expensive than other forms of gold, but the buyer should understand if there are any conditions on the part of the wholesaler with whom he or she deals. For instance, the wholesaler may have a minimum or maximum amount one person or company can buy.

Furthermore, the conditions may be different for an investor than it will be for a retailer when it comes to buying gold wholesale. An investor may want to find wholesale bullion, coins or stock. This buyer will need to study the national market as well as any international trends in buying gold to get an idea of what the best investments currently are and the potential returns on the investment. For example, in addition to bullion, one may find gold American eagle coins, Canadian maple leafs, buffalo coins, pre-1933 United States coins, gold bullion coins and other items or other unique gold products.

Retailers can also find gold products to sell to consumers. Although this gold usually comes in the form of jewelry, it is also a form of investment for buyers as many pieces can become heirlooms and have resale value after purchase. Brokers can also offer gold to non-retailers looking to add value to their portfolios. They may want to add gold to their IRAs or choose some other type of gold investment. Of course, coins remain popular for ordinary consumers who may not have as much expertise in the field. Consumers might also look into gold stocks, but this particular route does not let the consumer deal with actual gold. Buying wholesale gold gives the investor something tangible.

Before investing in gold bullion, one must consider the other factors involved such as transporting and storage. He or she must also be aware of any international barriers or regulations in the buying of gold. One ought to see if a dealer is willing to provide a buying guide before making any final decisions in this investment.

Michael MacDonald is president of Wholesale Gold Group and invites you to get the lowest price on gold GUARANTEED at Wholesale Gold, your national precious metal dealer that brings you the best gold investment advice and much more. Visit our site today and contact us for a FREE investors kit!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michael_M._MacDonald